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In the Los Angeles area, the name Rick Rozman is synonymous with charitable
work. Rick’s goal in his charitable life is to reach as many people as possible
through the motivation of his words and deeds. Now, Rick has taken to the
airwaves on the EZ Way Broadcasting network of Blog Talk Radio to promote
philanthropy and reach an even broader market worldwide with his show The
Rozman Experience which airs Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PST. He points out during his
interviews with people who sharehis passion for giving that life has a sense of
urgency with time as the currency; everyone has the same twenty-four hours as
Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa so make the most of that time.


Featured Show of the month

The Rozman Experience with Rev. Andy Bales president of Union Rescue Misison


Click on links to enjoy “The Rozman Experience”

Show 1 

Show 2 

Show 3

Show 4

Show 5

Show 6

Show 7


Show 9

Show 10

Show 11

Show 12

Show 13

Show 14

Show 15

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