About Mr. Rick Rozman


Rick Rozman Head shot

In the Los Angeles area, the name Rick Rozman is synonymous with charitable
work. Rick’s goal in his charitable life is to reach as many people as possible
through the motivation of his words and deeds. Now, Rick has taken to the
airwaves on the EZ Way Broadcasting network of Blog Talk Radio to promote
philanthropy and reach an even broader market worldwide with his show The
Rozman Experience which airs Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PST. He points out during his
interviews with people who share his passion for giving that life has a sense of
urgency with time as the currency; everyone has the same twenty-four hours as
Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa so make the most of that time.

As a vice president and wealth management advisor in El Segundo of a Fortune
500 Company in the sales and marketing branch, Rick is hands-on with his team
and keeps them positive and goal-oriented. His experience in sales and
marketing gives him the correct perspective to handle and deal with difficult
situations. Through weekly sales and motivational meetings, Rick guides his team
to look at the big picture in order to utilize their gifts and talents and be the best
they can be. For thirty-two years, Rick has created a positive culture by
encouraging his sales and marketing teams to bond through participation in a
number of programs for giving back to the community such as walking to raise
money for children with cancer, serving meals to the homeless at the Union Rescue Mission in LA, and participating in
Principal for a Day . In addition, he serves as Development Director for the Asomugha Foundation which empowers the
underprivileged orphans and widows in Africa through education.

Rick has a zest for life and boundless energy. From running in marathons to traveling to Beijing, Rick looks at life as a gift
which all Through Education Program, which provides economically disadvantaged students in South Los Angeles
opportunities to receive a quality education. Rick also works directly with the administrators and students of Jefferson
High School as a mentor and business leader.

Through Rick’s recent affiliation as a contributor to The Washington Times, he is reaching a broad spectrum of readers
who are looking to him for expert advice on the world of philanthropy and the best ways to become involved in their
own communities. Rick makes giving and donating time to charity cool and hip as he helps to build a new generation of
philanthropists. He has graced the covers of popular magazines such as Rock Thiz Magazine and Tightrope Magazine in
the first part of 2013. He is also featured in articles on WTV Networks, Diversity News Magazine, EOTM Radio/TV
Networks and the Examiner.com. The Rick Rozman Humanitarian Award from EOTM Radio/TV Networks is exactly as
it seems: An award presented to individuals who are emulating the charitable and philanthropic work exemplified by
Rick. In 2012, Rick was named “The Board Member of the Year 2012” of OWIN (Orphans and Widows In Need) and has
served on the board since the year of inception in 2005.

Since earning his B.A. from UCLA in Economics and Finance in 1977, Rick has relied on the experience of Thomas Edison
to guide him toward success in his business and charitable endeavors. Edison failed in his light bulb experiments over
10,000 times proving that success comes through understanding that failure is neither a place nor a state of mind but
just one way that something did not work. To succeed means to never ever give up. Rick Rozman is the man who never
gives up and who never feels he gives enough. His quest continues on a daily basis to find a need and to be part of the


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